Many Muslim nations (and areas inside some Muslim nations) do not use the international banking system. In 2018, 417,832 people in Minnesota (7 percent of the state’s population) were native-born Americans who had at least one immigrant parent. The data was gathered and released by both the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretariat for Migration and shows that the 4,000 or so Somalis in Switzerland are by far the most prone to being on government benefits with 83.7 per cent relying on state income, 20 Minutes reports. Could you remind me why, exactly, is it a bad thing to put a temporary halt to immigration from Muslim countries, again? Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (born October 4, 1982) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for In Sweden, employment rates from 2011-2015 among Somalia-born of the same age stands at 26 percent with self-employment at 0.7 percent. Check back soon for more info. And the U.S. government os just letting these people carry it right out under our noses. about 80 percent of the rate in Minnesota: 5.5% 71,159 (±0.3% / ±3,512) about 90 percent of the rate in United States: 5% 3,877,882 (±0% / ±31,847) In 2015, investigators documented $14 million in carry on cash. Much of this came to light the year earlier after the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) geared up its fraud unit. Email. Claim: "Obama settled 43,000 Somalian refugees in Minnesota. 63 Shares. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the 'fair use' exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Share 63. The census data show that in 1992, public welfare spending accounted for 15.2 percent of what Minnesota governments spent. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. Tweet. Sources tell Fox 9 fraudsters in other states are now using the Minnesota playbook to rip off millions of public dollars meant to help kids. The Somalis scammed the government by claiming that the centers were filled children that were there all day. According to a federal comparison, refugees in Minnesota receive $532 a month on average through its family cash assistance program, compared with about $430 nationally. The population of the country was between 7-10 million (before 1991). Great. When a refugee arrives … Children make up the biggest percentage of welfare beneficiaries. Minnesota is home to America's largest Somali community, 33,000 people. Warner Todd Huston’s thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites such as, among many, many others. Now 729 Somalis are on the dole, and account for 46 percent of the city’s welfare spending. White: 63.8 percent Black: 18.6 percent American Indian: 2.0 percent Asian: 5.6 percent Two or more races: 4.4 percent Hispanic (of any race): 10.5 percent. Somalis are an ethnic group in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul (Twin Cities) urban area and makes up the largest Somali diasporas in the US.As of 2018, almost 103,000 people born in Somalia are living in Minnesota, and about 194,000 Minnesotans speak Somali, Amharic or a related language at home. Deqo daycare center, which had three locations in Apple Valley, St. Paul, and Minneapolis was shut down in 2013 due to licensing violations and prosecutors charged husband and wife Ahmed Aden Mohamed and Yasmin Abdulle Ali for bilking the state out of nearly $3.7 million, $3.1 million of which was collected from April 2012-January 2013. But this has been going on for years already and everyone knew it. 3M will cut 2,900 jobs in global restructuring. Much of this came to light the year earlier after the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) geared up its fraud unit. Sources said he took a carry-on bag through security that was packed with $1 million in cash. “My personal opinion is we need a nationwide task force to clamp down on this type of fraud.”. by Bruno Strozek May 16, 2018, 3:00 PM 3.6k Views 0 Votes 44 Comments. The number of Somali adults and children who participated in the Minnesota’s family cash assistance program jumped 34 percent from 2008 to 2013, according to the state’s statistics. Prosecutors were very concerned that Ali could be a flight risk and argued against the change in bail. Minnesota has 52,333 people who report Somali ancestry — the largest concentration of Somalis in America. In any case, the U.S. government allows this Muslim tradition to continue and will allow Muslims to fly out of the country any amount of cash they want as long as they declare the amount in customs forms. The money is carried out by Muslim operatives who work outside the banking system called a Hawala. Overall, more than 30,000 Somalis live in the midwestern state comprising the nation’s largest concentration of Somali immigrants, according to U.S. Census data. Worse, the cash is going to fund the various Islamist terror armies there. He is also the owner and operator of Publius’ Forum. While Somalis are by far and wide the largest recipients of welfare, several other nationalities also have rates of over 50 per cent, such as Eritreans at 54.7 per cent and Angolans at 54 per cent. In 2016 during Ramadan a gang of religious robed Somali men terrorized the city’s affluent Linden Hills community “for three straight days, threatening to rape a woman, beating one resident’s dog, and shouting “jihad!” as they drove vehicles over residents’ lawns and pretended to shoot people through their duffel bags. This crime is spreading. Reddit. Of course, the truth was that there weren’t any children at all. A trend all too familiar to former terrorism investigator Glen Kerns. • The Somali population accounts for nearly 1 percent of Minnesota's population. The top countries of origin for immigrants were Mexico (12 percent of immigrants), Somalia (8 percent), India (6 percent), Laos (5 percent), and Ethiopia (5 percent). Some claim it is because western banking violates their religion, in other cases it is because they simply don’t have the banking infrastructure where they live. As usual with government statistics, Hispanics are said to be of “any race,” which is why the total comes to 110 percent. Travelers can do that, as long as they fill out the proper government forms. Millions fled to refugee camps, many in Kenya. Thirteen child care centers, however, have been closed since 2014 due to welfare fraud, and another 10 are under active investigation. For one, the terror group al Shabaab. Then last year, $100 million. These Muslims are literally taking out millions in cash. By 2016, it had mushroomed to $84 million. Site Copyright 1997-2020 Canada Free Press.Com Privacy Statement. Minnesota Nice: Somalis, Welfare Fraud and Terrorism. Republican judges don't ride with Trump on election cases. It climbed to 16.7 percent in 1997 and just 18.4 percent in 2002. Somali’s speak the same language by and large, which is Somali. They came to the U.S. as supposed “refugees,” but now it has been discovered that a number of Somali immigrants are stealing hundreds of millions in American welfare money that they are literally shipping back to Africa stuffed in suitcases. Welfare in Minnesota: Facts and figures ... 57 percent of MFIP families with eligible adults had been receiving cash benefits for fewer than 25 months against the program’s time limit. There are between about 42,400 and 55,200 people of Somali heritage living in Minnesota… The money is usually headed to the Middle East, Dubai and points beyond. He said when the money arrives, whether it was intended for legitimate purposes or not, al Shabaab or other groups demand a cut. Starting in the 1990s, the State Department directed thousands of refugees from Somalia’s civil war to Minnesota, which is now home to the largest population of Somalis outside Somalia itself. In 2015 a Minneapolis woman was charged in a $14 million fraud case. Many of the refugees settle near the Twin Cities, with Minneapolis being dubbed “Little Mogadishu” after the capital of Somalia. Kerns discovered some of the money was being funneled to a Hawala in the region of Somalia that is controlled by the al Shabaab terrorist group.
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