May 22, 2018

Nipah virus scare: Health department issues alert

The National Virology Institute, Pune, confirmed that the contagious fever that has killed several people in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts over the last fortnight is due to Nipah virus (NiV).

A high-level central team will visit the district on May 21 and inspect areas where the disease has been reported.

Health dept issues alert:The health department has activated precautionary measures and issued an alert to the public. “As the primary host of Nipah virus is fruit bats, the disease control and containment strategy include asking people to desist from eating bat eaten fruits. Also, the district collector has been asked to stop toddy tapping in the area as toddy can become contaminated with saliva or bat urine. Pigs too can serve as intermediate hosts of the virus and as per reports there are many pig farms in the area and steps have been taken in that regard,” Sadanandan said.

A district-level special task force headed by district collector U V Jose has been formed to coordinate precautionary steps and disease management activities. The district-level task force was formed at an emergency meeting chaired by director of health services (DHS) Dr R L Saritha at the collectorate on Sunday. Speaking to the media, Dr Saritha said that both government and private hospitals have decided to take joint measures to combat the rare viral disease.

Source: ETHealthworld

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