Employee Pride and Celebrating Talent


At Veritaz, employee engagement & empowerment is of utmost importance and we don’t think twice to go that extra mile.

With UDAAN, We reach newer & newer heights. UDAAN is our most awaited and exciting annual event.  Every year we make sure to take a small break to strengthen/ sharpen our wings. Our wings are our employee- crucial for UDAAN! It is an employee initiative/platform for employee communication, recognition and reward.

This engagement results in identifying, training, measuring and rewarding exceptional talent, while giving ample scope to the members who need skillset interventions at the right time.

UDAAN will be celebrated as a gala event in the month of April/May every year where the leadership team and the contributing staff members are offered an opportunity to meet their peers, engage in learning interactions, plan for the next year as well as let their hair loose.

A positively energetic environment is critical to our success and we take that seriously at Veritaz.

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